Covid-19 Safety Plan

What to know, and expect in our salon as advised by WorkSafe BC

WorkSafe Guidelines

In accordance with the order of the Provincial Health Officer, we observe industry-specific protocols for our salon. These protocols are not a list of requirements; however, we are asked to consider and implement them to the extent they address the risks of individual workplaces.

First level protection (elimination): Requires policies and procedures to keep people at a safe physical distance from one another. We will limit the number of people in the salon at any one time to only those with an appointment. * Protocols have been implemented to keep workers at least 2 metres from each other and each others' customers. (See adjacent box for specific information as to how this is being implemented at Prickly Scot).

*Excepting those with special needs, or accompanying a minor.

Second level protection (engineering controls): If you can’t always maintain physical distancing, install barriers such as plexiglass to separate people. (Non applicable).

Third level protection (administrative controls): Cleaning protocols, suggests workers to not share tools, and addresses access in and out of the salon: (See adjacent box for specific details).

Fourth level protection: Where 1st level distancing measures to prevent droplets are not possible between workers and other clients, it is proposed they wear masks. We are however in compliance of distancing measures, and while not mandatory, masks are advised as an extra precaution. (Stylists who work independently of Prickly Scot may have other protocols. Their clients are advised to check their websites).

If any sign of illness exists, however minor, appointments may be rescheduled. (If requested to wear a mask by your stylist, independent workers might be able to supply one, but clients are asked to BYO).  

Measures Implemented

First Level Protection: The salon door may be locked when there is more than one person working in the salon. Clients arriving who need to pass the stylist in the front of the salon may be asked to knock on the door and wait until the person opening the door moves at least six feet away to let them pass. This procedure will be the same on departure. Alternatively, stylists may use the rear entrance exclusively. We ask that you do not show up early for your appointment (or late) as strict measures between clients coming and going are in place and to provide time for cleaning in between. 

There is a distance between the nearest work station to the hair washing basin of 8ft. Further, the basin is separated by the person working at that station by means of a partition. It is not suggested that you may not talk at the basin to prevent the spread of droplets, but this is recommended. There is a distance of 21ft between work stations, 6ft between the waiting area and the 1st station and 15ft between the seating area and the second station.

Second level protection: N/A as first level adhered to.

Third level protection: Stylists at the salon never share tools of any description. Towels and capes are always clean and fresh for every client as a matter of norm. Stylists are required to sanitise the sink, their stations and other surfaces and the washroom after utilising them for their own clients. Disinfectant is provided, or they may choose to use an alternative of their choosing.

Stylists can also choose whether to serve beverages using freshly cleaned cups, or if they prefer, disposables. Further staff specific requirement with regard to laundry and other hygiene is posted in salon.

Fourth Level Protection: Stylists may wear masks for part or all of a personal service. Stylists may have individual protocols and are responsible for keeping their clients duly informed of these.

Have you travelled in the last 14 days?

If you have been out of province whether by land or air during 14 days prior to an appointment we require that you disclose this information and wear a mask.