I'm often asked what kind of hair do I like cutting most? But the long and the short of it is, any.
(See what I did there?)

Short, long, straight, curly hair, male, female, non-binary people, it makes no odds to me; expertly trained, I really am an all-rounder... but in general I do have a particular appreciation of 'quirky' folks - of which, I am pretty certain, I might be one.

P.S - the comb in this stock picture, is filthy - ours are clean!

Bad Hair Days?

 One of the most common things said to me is this: 'My hair grows out so well, I haven’t needed to cut it forever.' I usually say I'll have to do something about that. I believe that well cut hair should be flexible in style and should not give you a bad hair day, ever - well... within reason.

Movie Stars Welcome

I strive to keep up to date and can simply look at a style to work out how it's been created. So... I encourage pictures, and, as long as it's suitable for your face-shape and hair type then it's all good. But remember, I use a comb and not a wand... so be prepared to hear the truth.

Curly Tops

I mean... like... these people seem to think theirs is a special case; that no stylist can deal with curly hair. Wrong! (Excepting people like the woman in the pic here!) You just haven’t found the right stylist.
Curly tops meet in the street, in stores and on busses, frantically asking where the other gets her hair done and share about how hard it is to get a decent cut.
Personally I find curly and thicker hair that these people just love to bitch about, saying their stylist gets ‘lost in’ it, is easy peasy. (Excepting people like the woman in the pic here!)
In fact, when you know what you’re doing, it’s easier to cut than any other kind. (Excepting people like the woman in the pic here!) So I’m afraid you’re not special at all, my dear; simply unfortunate in that you haven’t found someone as meticulous as me to deal with, get over yourself. (Excepting people like the woman in the pic here. You have every right!)

A Word to the Wise From Quents

Yeah... no.
He had my hair cut way too short the first time at the groomers. Don’t let it happen to you!


Been dumped? Oh well… you'll get over it eventually. But before you photoshop a pic for a dating app, there's really no need to go short after a break-up - such as many poor misguided souls do in the hopes it will reinvent them. Phhh... aye, that'll happen!
Revitalise your plumage with new colour instead. Demi-permanent tones to natural looking highlights, I can deal with your extramarital problems right from the root… as it were. And just think, afterwards, you can arrange to 'bump into' your ex… hah!

A Little Snow on the Roof?

Demis are a great alternate to permanent colour if you only have a little grey and don't want to overly change your natural tone. The colour wears off over months, so there's no demarkation line when it grows in either.
Demis don't lighten hair, they can tone to keep the same level of lightness/darkness, or, if you prefer, darken.
Oh and here's a note for younger women... if you simply want to go darker for a change, no need to ruin your natural colour by dyeing it. Use demi instead. In time, when you regret your actions, and we've all been there, your natural beauty will come back and you won't have to hack it all off.

Foil Highlights

It’s been said that my foil highlights are the most natural some clients ever had; the technique meticulous; applied with precision. I can bring back your blonde from when you were 10-yrs-old, or, if you were always a drab ugly duckling, we can pump up the volume so you can pretend to be a swan, because, despite what they say, it's what’s on the outside that really matters. (Sorry, I don't use balayage techniques for high fashion, high maintenance looks, we are more an everyday colour and foil highlights kinda place.  )


Is so important in this business, and if this is poor the message just doesn’t get across. You won’t find that with me. I do hear all you have to say and will make sure we’re both on the same page… so no need to repeat; save that for your cheap shampoo. I repeat, save it; I heard you the first time. 

Hair Products

We only carry a small amount of retail product and we don't push them. I am extremely picky about what we use in the salon, and only offer advice, if you want it, about which are best for you.